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Talking remote control for the man who wants to have more control over his woman

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Take'em off
Where's my dinner?
Goin' out with my mates
Get back to the kitchen
The kids need you
Go and wash the car
Grab me a beer will ya?
Get me some whisky
Hand me the remote
Go get some vodka
Whip up something to eat
Get me some cigs
Hmm, strip for me babe
Wanna fool around?
I feel like a massage
Maybe you've got some cute friends? Aye?
Want a sponge bath?
I'll take you here and now
Love you!
You look … wow…
You're my world babe!
Bring those fine legs together
Yeah, spread those fine legs
Little higher
Little lower
Yeah, that's it baby.
Yeah, faster (breathe), faster (breathe)
Slow down baby!
Yeah, louder!
Not so loud babe!
Silence woman!
Yeah, run back to your mommy!
I'm done talkin'

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